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Stay cool. Break free from the vicious cycle of poor sleep, metabolic dysfunction & weight gain. Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

One simple intervention at home can improve your metabolism while you sleep, and the positive benefits don’t end there.

The quality of our sleep is declining, which is a disaster for our health. As we toss and turn our nights away, we conjure more symptoms that force us into a vicious circle of poor sleep, metabolic dysfunction and weight gain. But, there is a way we can help break out of this destructive cycle and create one that, rather than worsens dysfunction and disease, feeds back into health. The good news is, it’s simple, and you can start tonight.

“a single poor nights sleep makes people more insulin resistant — a mechanism behind metabolic and cardiovascular disease.”

The Vicious Circle

Scientists demonstrated a decade ago that a single poor nights sleep makes people more insulin resistant—a mechanism behind metabolic and cardiovascular disease. Since then, more robust research has been added to the pile confirming a restless night’s negative effect on our metabolism. But the cherry on top is that just one night tossing and turning sabotages your dietary efforts the very next day by gravitating you towards junk foods. This combination increases your chances of becoming overweight and obese, which carries with it more problems for sleep. …

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Manliness is disappearing, and that’s a serious problem for health. Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

Stop blaming your balls for what your fat cells are doing; here’s what you can do.

If we could distill ‘manliness’ it would be the sex hormone testosterone. The fact that this critical male hormone has been steadily declining for decades, has been shrouded by a lengthened life-expectancy. As men age, their ‘manly’ hormone naturally reduces and therefore shrinks the average. However, a new study has disrobed the truth: Young men are being afflicted at a rate that will likely make you gape. Make no mistake, low testosterone in men is a grave dilemma because it spells more dysfunction, disease, and premature death.

There are theories about our drooping total testosterone (TT) levels. A lack of exercise, dietary phytoestrogens, frequent marijuana use, genetics, and environmental toxins all contributing. But, as the evidence mounts, it may well be something simpler than that lot. …

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Coffee depletes micronutrients, but is this a real cause for concern? Photo by Taylor Franz on Unsplash

5 things you can do to keep enjoying it.

We shouldn’t like coffee, but we do. Nature’s warning, bitterness, should make us reel away from it but something calls us back, day after day, flipping the alarm and triggering pleasure within us.

One day we’re told coffee is a health drink, and the next it’s something we should be cutting back on. Each day, westerners chug down between two and four cups, but your cups-per-day may be determined by DNA more than anything else. The ground black bean is the most consumed psychoactive compound on the planet; an everyday addiction many of us can become defensive about when questioned.

Coffee is associated with reduced risk across many diseases: Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, liver cancer, Parkinson’s, and even early death. …

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