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I stand shoulder to shoulder with those against factory farming. But there is another way. We don’t have to swing from bad farming to no farming. The false dichotomy that is animal vs crop is unhelpful and damaging. The real fight is about bad farming vs good.

Have a look at regenerative agriculture, the Savory Institute. Some farms that are leaders in this are White Oak Pastures and Polyface Farm in the US. In the UK Knepp farm has regenerated it’s soil which was so badly damaged by crop agriculture that they simply couldn’t grow anything anymore. The UK soil association has told us that we have ~60 harvests remaining before crop production will start to plummet due to soil erosion.

The fastest way to regenerate topsoil is using livestock, eating grass, under the sun and living like they should and are entitled to in my opinion. In the past animals and crops were rotated to prevent this issue. Today, sadly, our false sense of security about what chemicals can do has caused a bout of amnesia.

Water consumption of beef (stats) is misleading because rainfall is included (green water) as something they consume. If they didn’t exist that green water would be the same. Have a look at the water consumption of almond plantations in California…

About the Gladiators, they were not vegans or vegetarians. They ate a large amount of grains for the purpose of weight gain, which gave them a layer of protective fat above their muscles. They also drank a mineral supplement made from burnt bones. Have a read of my Game Changers review to learn more about that, https://medium.com/@timrees/watched-the-game-changers-now-you-must-watch-this-fcc877b0104

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May I politely suggest supplementing DHA (critical for brain health) and a good bioavailable multivitamin too.

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Registered nutritionist (BSc mBANT rCNHC) writing about health, nutrition & my battles with chronic disease. For other blog posts https://tim-rees.com/blog/

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