I’m sorry you feel that way. I’ve read my responses back and I don’t think I’ve been rude at all.

You cannot expect me to read all of the research people send me in support of their beliefs. Do you have any idea how many papers people send me every day? No, of course not.

Most people do not fully understand the papers and don’t realise that they don’t actually show causation, or are in vitro (not in the body), or are reductionist (show a mechanism in a sea of opposing mechanisms which don’t prove an actual outcome in vivo), or are animal etc etc.

And ultimately, it’s a massive waste of my time.

I was prepared to look at the first few but the technical hitch absorbed my enthusiasm.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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Registered nutritionist (BSc mBANT rCNHC) writing about health, nutrition & my battles with chronic disease. For other blog posts https://tim-rees.com/blog/

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